Sunday, July 23, 2017

Finally beaked whales!!

Today in São Miguel we were leaving the rain behind on land with a nice rainbow in sight and went out to see several dolphin species both morning and afternoon. Like common dolphins feeding with Cory's shearwater in the morning or being social and mating in the afternoon. Atlantic spotted dolphins travelling in the morning and being curious towards the small boats in the afternoon. The bottlenose dolphins were presenting a spectacular show in the morning and in the afternoon they were surfing and mating. In the afternoon the zodiacs were lucky to see the rare sighting of beaked whales. The sighting was so good that it was possible to identify the species as Blainville's beaked whale. Also a loggerhead turtle was giving everybody the chance to have a good look at it.

Photos from today:

Blainville's beaked whale with scars on its body

Beak of the beaked whale

Bottlenose dolphin putting on a show in liberty

Bottlenose dolphin leaping high

Atlantic spotted dolphin with calf

Adult Atlantic spotted dolphin
Common dolphin

Cory's shearwater with needle fish this morning 
Common dolphin with Cory's shearwaters

Two of our boats looking for the beaked whales

Loggerhead turtle at the surface

Friday, July 21, 2017

A day with many marine species

This morning our most well known sperm whale "Mr Liable" paid us another visit. We got to see him at the surface for a very long time, and then we experienced the best moment...his tail! We also had a lot of dolphins around today, including many babies. In the morning we encountered common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins and in the afternoon bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins again. Some of us also had some other surprise encounters, such as Risso's dolphins that were seen from one of the small boats in the morning, and a sicklefin devil ray that was seen from one of our catamarans in the afternoon.

Photos from today:

Atlantic spotted dolphins with new borns

Mr. Liable on the surface

Bottlenose dolphin

Common dolphin

Devil ray (Mobula tarapacana)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Male sperm whales and plenty of dolphins

Today was another whale day in São Miguel. We had two different large male sperm whales around today, one unknown individual in the morning and the very well known "Mr Liable" in the afternoon. The one from the morning was alone and was coming and going to the surface, whereas Mr Liable was accompanied by a smaller adult and he showed us what he is most famous for - showing us his fantastic tail! We also enjoyed the company of plenty of dolphins today. We had a lot of Atlantic spotted dolphins with their newborn babies around and we also encountered two different groups of bottlenose dolphins. We even got to see a lot of high jumps from the bottlenose dolphins. What a day!

Photos from the morning:

The male sperm whale

The tip of the tail of the whale

Sperm whale blow

Watching bottlenose dolphins aboard our catamaran

Bottlenose dolphin

Juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphin

Atlantic spotted dolphins wave surfing

Photos from the afernoon:

´Acrobatic bottlenose dolphins

Mr Liable breathing at the surface

Sperm whale fluke

Mr Liable's fluke

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Four species of cetaceans

Today the morning tour started with flat sea and blue ocean, not far away from Ponta Delgada we found two species of dolphins: Atlantic spotted dolphins and common dolphins. The sea was so calm that we could see the dolphins through the water with a beautiful light, allowing us to take nice pictures of baby dolphins! After the sighting of the dolphins we went to the “whale area”, there were two sperm whales swimming side by side doing shallow dives. This time we couldn’t see their tails but we were happy enough to see them blowing. The swimmers found a group of bottlenose dolphins so we saw a total of 4 species in the morning.
In the afternoon tour we saw the same number species but different animals. The sperm whale that we saw in the afternoon was the famous Mr Liable, as usual we were lucky to see its tail! After seeing the male sperm whale we went to see the dolphins, the Atlantic spotted dolphins were in a big area feeding together with the birds, what a show!

Photos from today:

 Mr Liable in the afternoon

Mr Liable blowing

The two sperm whales in the morning

Dolphin watching

Baby Atlantic spotted dolphin

Two of our boats

Monday, July 17, 2017

Afternoon with resident dolphins

Today we had great summer conditions on both tours, even we got some rain at the end of the morning tour! We enjoyed several dolphin species during our tours. In the morning we saw a few Risso's dolphins, not very friendly, but close enough to let us see them! Bottlenose dolphins were very close to our boat, and Atlantic spotted dolphins showed up with a lot of babies in their group. During the morning we also managed  to see some very fast striped dolphins jumping. Amazing ones!

In the afternoon, we saw Risso's dolphins again, but this time a bigger group, that was very calm. So great to see!! We really enjoyed them, and we perfectly manage to distinguish between the older ones (very white) and the young ones, which are almost completely black. Bottlenose dolphins were seen as well, and common dolphins were around with babies. It was an afternoon with resident dolphins!

Photos from today:
Risso's dolphin mother and calve (notice the different colours, mother wither, baby darker)

Striped dolphins jumping this morning

Atlantic spotted dolphins (adult with spots on the back, juvenile in the front)

Bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Animals close to Ponta Delgada

Today we had a great day at the sea! We didn’t have to travel as far as other days; the animals were close to Ponta Delgada! Both in the morning and in the afternoon we could see the tail from the famous male sperm whale: Mr Liable. Our clients were amazed for the majestic tail of this animal, something difficult to forget! The animal was doing dives for 45 minutes and spending at the surface around 10 minutes so we were lucky to see it for a while before diving again.

The common dolphins and the Atlantic spotted dolphins were together in the same area, it is quite common to see these two species of dolphins together as they feed the same kind of fish. The clients from the morning tour were lucky enough to see a nice pod of bottlenose dophins. What a day!

Photos from today:

Mr Liable going for a deep dive

Baby common dolphin

Common dolphins close to our zodiac

 Common dolphin surfacing

Atlantic spotted dolphins with babies

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Whales in the Far West

Today it has been a great day with five different species sighted, even one we were not able to identify it!
In the morning tour, after seeing the common dolphins, two of our boats head to the very Far West! And even very hard to find, we found three sperm whales. Also a baleen whale was seen by one of our boats, probably a small sei whale, but we are not totally convinced about it! Even it was a short time with the whales, it was worthwile! We remember today that if we want the prize, we should try. Never give up!

In the afternoon, we saw again the common dolphins, with plenty of babies in their group, Atlantic spotted dolphins and also several groups of bottlenose dolphins. Without any doubt, today the bottlenose were the most amazing, friendly and curious, jumping and always very close to our boats. Two loggerhead turtles were sighted as well, one of them with a pilot fish underneath. Great shearwaters are seen almost every day now, hiden among the Cory's and today as well a Sooty shearwater.

On the way back, once again we pick up bottles and plastic bags from the ocean. It is a shame that everyday we are finding more and more. But every single drop helps, so here in Futurismo we keep on trying to reduce our impact! Are you?

Photos from today:

Common dolphins

Common dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins

Loggerhead turtle with a pilot fish underneath

Bottlenose dolphin

Great shearwater (Puffinus gravis)

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