Monday, July 30, 2007

Pomarine skua fact sheet

Stercorarius pomarinus | Pomarine skua

The pomarine skua (also known as pomarine jaeger) has a wide range of plumage variation. All are dark and have small white flashes on the wings. The light morph adults have white underparts, a black cap and a yellow-tinged neck. Dark morph adults are dark brown (and can easily be confused with the great skua) and the intermediate morph birds are dark but have paler underparts. Additionally, breeding adults have an elongated tail streamer which can reach up to 10 cm in length. Juveniles are dark and often difficult to identify. Like other skuas, the pomarine skua frequently steals food from other marine birds (e.g. terns and gulls). Pomarine skuas can be sighted in the Azores during the winter, the time that they are heading to the coast of West Africa where they spend the winter. This species is classified as a "rare vagrant" in the Azores.

Length: 46 - 48 cm

Weight: 540 - 920 g

Wingspan: 110 - 138 cm

• Global: c.250,000 - 3,000,000
• Europe: c.60,000 - 150,000

• Summer: Lemmings, eggs and birds
• Winter: fish (occasionally steals and scavenges)

Longevity: 385 months

Breeding age: 4 - 5 years

Eggs: 1 - 2

Incubation: 25 - 28 days

Nesting sites: Grass-lined depressions

Fledging: 25 - 30 days

In other languages
Portuguese: Moleiro pomarino
Spanish: Págalo pomarino/Salteador pomarino
French: Labbe pomarin
Italian: Stercorario mezzano
German: Spatelraubmöwe
Dutch: Middelste jager
Swedish: Bredstjärtad labb
Norwegian: Polarjo
Danish: Mellemkjove
Finnish: Leveäpyrstökihu

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